Real Time Tracking of Funds & Customer Risk Profiles

Arf’s Compliance API & Transfer API fully automate end-to-end payments and analyze all transactions in real-time so that you never have to worry where your funds or who your users are.

You can track all your funds and status of your payments as well as your users’ complete risk profiles on Arf’s Dashboard and take necessary actions in real-time with just a few clicks if something is not right.

Arf Transfer API is connected to all IBANs and automatically tracks all necessary IOUs (“I Owe You”), including fx-rates, between financial institutions that facilitate payments, transfers and settlements on Arf’s global network.

Arf provides all its customers & partners IBANs denominated in Euro and British Pound. Let Arf automate your banking needs with a few lines of code.

Arf Labs

Fast & Low-Cost International Settlements

75% of total remitters in the world sends home <$350 USD per month. Relatively high commission fees for sending <$350 USD are caused by operating capital requirements (prefunding need for corridors) in remittance receiving countries. Additionally, Financial players have difficulty in growing and serving remittance corridors where the volume sent and received in that corridor is significantly uneven.

Transfer API eliminates the need for pre-funding and SWIFT transfers which helps financial institutions to expand to new markets outside of UK & EU with fast inter-FI settlements inside the UK and EU. With this fast settlement ability Arf offers its customers the opportunity to expand to different geographies in days instead of months at a fraction of the Capex and Opex they otherwise have to invest to build the same operation.


Check out Arf API Documentation to see how to integrate Arf’s technology to your company. It takes hours instead of weeks to get up and running thanks to Arf’s fully automated processes.


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